Blogging can be a Superpower!!

Never under estimate the power of blogging. Whether you are a blog reader or writer, finding a blog you can connect with on a personal level can soon feel like an old friend, whom you can call upon when you need them most.

My blogging stems from wanting to share my myriad of hobbies, thoughts and idiosyncrasies. The older I have become, the more I have become aware that everyone is genuinely different, and those differences should be celebrated. My creativity allows me to move my focus from any day-to-day stresses I may have, to a completely different outlet. Being able to move my focus, whether it is for just a few hours in the evening, or for a full day at the weekend, my mind feels clearer, and I feel I am then able to function better in my day-to-day life.

The scope of my blog post topics go someway to showing my range of hobbies, but it doesn’t cover them. But I am sure that will change overtime!

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