A Bit About Me

I have always been somewhat of a creative person, and preferred to do things that have a tangible/visible end result. My Mum did try to teach me to knit when I was about 9 years old.  But it just resulted in the creation of many holey dish cloths! I never could get my head around it, which I put down to being left-handed. When I did try knitting again it felt “cack-handed”, and it just didn’t flow.  Not to say I won’t try again in the future though, it is definitely on my list!!

I found a love of cross-stitch when I was 18 years old, designing my own charts as well as completing ready-made kits. But, as time progressed, my cross-stitching days took a back seat for several years. With a half completed kit lurking in my craft box, and an unopened kit in a box under the bed, it is definitely something I will be revisiting in the future. I may even get back into designing new charts too. Watch this space!

In 2015 I stumbled across Crochet, of course I knew it was a thing, but it wasn’t something that I had thought about trying before. My Mother-in-Law had a crochet hook lying around and I had some yarn, and the rest is history. I used a book that I purchased from HobbyCraft, and the odd video to work out hook placement. As I said earlier I am left-handed, but I automatically held the hook in my right-hand. I did take a break from Crocheting for a few years, but when I picked up the hook again, it all came flooding back for the most part. Just a few glimpses of my book to nudge my brain! I have made several large items, as well as some amigurumi. I am always on the look out for new patterns, although I can be indecisive, and seem to spend more time looking at patterns than actually making them.

In March 2020 the lock-down released my inner-gardener! I’m no Charlie Dimmock, but I do enjoy watching the plants flourish! For more about the lock-down garden check out my blog post.

When I’m not crafting or gardening I can be found in the kitchen baking and cooking. Whether it’s a cake or a main meal, if it means I can experiment with new recipes and flavours I am on it!

I have recently discovered a love of genealogy, as I knew very little about ancestors and my heritage. My two most interesting revelations so far has to be that I am related to aristocracy and Romany’s on my Paternal side! I have also done the 23andMe and Ancestry DNA tests, which has uncovered more family, and branches to add to the tree! There is definitely a post or two in the pipeline to expand on my genealogy and DNA journeys!

I think that covers a bit about me, although reading back it does seem to be more than a bit! It wasn’t until I sat down to write this that I realised I am quite a diverse person. I think I am going to enjoy blogging, and I may even discover new things about me!! I hope you enjoy my journey of discovery too!