• Gardening

    The Garden – 2023

    Sadly I lost my Dad in November last year, just over two years after losing my Mum, so as you can imagine the garden has been my last priority for a while. As a result it has reverted back to it’s pre-lockdown state, although in some aspects that hasn’t been…

  • Cooking

    Lemon and Lime Yoghurt Slice

    This recipe is a variation on a yoghurt based cake. The original recipe called for Greek yoghurt, but I used Alpro Plain Soya Yoghurt, and it tasted lovely! Ingredients Instructions Remove from the oven and allow to cool.You can serve warm with ice-cream, or left to cool and enjoyed with…

  • Life Lessons

    Lockdown Dinner

    Well, the “lockdown office” in the dining room has been disassembled, and last night we actually had a meal at the dining table! The dining table is usually reserved for Christmas and Easter, although last Christmas we had our dinner in the living room, as Shaun had recently had a…

  • Cooking

    Herb & Garlic New Potatoes

    When you are fed up up chips and mash potatoes, change it up a bit with some herb and garlic potatoes. I used new potatoes for this recipe, but you can cut potatoes into wedges, or cubes. It is a great accompaniment to anything from burgers to pasties, even a…

  • Cooking

    Homemade Sausage Rolls

    We have all been there, you need to create a plate of nibbles for some sort of gathering, the kids school fete. You can amaze your friends, family and kids with this simple but delicious recipe! Ingredients Preheat oven to 180° Enjoy warm, or great cold as a snack!

  • Cooking

    Lock-down Quiche

    So, I thought I would make a quiche for tea. I hadn’t made one for a few years, and I had some bits in the fridge that needed using up. And thus the lock-down quiche was born! I do have one confession, I used a pre-cooked savoury pastry case, life…

  • Cooking

    Caramelised Onions and Croûtons

    I have always loved baking and cooking. From a small child I would help my Mum to make cakes on a Sunday, (I always got to scrap out the bowl!!) and in the Summer Holidays we’d make pink and white Coconut Ice! Main meals were usually cooked from scratch, with…

  • Gardening - Life Lessons

    The Little Shed Sort Out

    It was time to tidy out the little shed in the garden, and to start using it for something other than a dumping ground! Once I had cleared the cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and around the window I got in and cleared out everything! How we managed to fit…

  • Gardening

    Gardening on Lockdown – Phase 1

    The lockdown cometh, and the garden has never looked so good! I had always enjoyed gardening to a certain degree, but all I managed to get done in the past was cutting the grass, and weeding paths (when the weather and time allowed). Now we are on lockdown, and I…