The Beginning of my Crochet Journey

Whether you are a seasoned crocheter, or you are at the beginning of your crocheting journey, you will find varying levels of enjoyment and frustration. Even die-hard crocheters who were taught to crochet at a young age can sometimes struggle with a stitch or pattern. But, crochet is a voyage of discovery, no matter where you are on the journey.

I am a self taught crocheter, and I learnt with the help of a book by Catherine Hirst Crochet from Start to Finish – Techniques, Tips and Advice to Get it Right First Time”.

The book has been and still is a great resource to have to hand. From a section listing crochet terms and abbreviations and chapters on tension swatches and blocking. It is an all-round great reference guide, and it is a nice sized book too at just A5 size, it is the perfect size to keep in my crochet bag for when I need it.

I have used the book to help me learn how to read patterns, it is broken down and explained in a way that is easy to understand. I can now read a pattern with no trouble, and if I do get stuck I can refer to this book.

There are lots of crochet books out there, but I highly recommend this one because it is so informative and easy to understand. The picture diagrams for stitches are simple to follow, and the photos are bright and inspiring.

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