Gardening on Lockdown – Phase 1

The lockdown cometh, and the garden has never looked so good!

I had always enjoyed gardening to a certain degree, but all I managed to get done in the past was cutting the grass, and weeding paths (when the weather and time allowed). Now we are on lockdown, and I have been furloughed I have lots more time on my hands.

On week one of the furlough I went out to get some fuel for the lawn mower, and picked up a few plants, some seeds and compost. My attempt to cut the grass however was put to an abrupt end when the pull cord on the mower snapped!! I hadn’t even managed to cut a blade of grass, but as always my Other-Half came to the rescue and found a replacement part online! It did take nearly two weeks to arrive, but as soon as it got here I installed it and got the job done, it did take me the best part of the day though, as the grass was extremely long, and our garden is far from small or level!!

During the time the mower was out of commission I decided to dig a vegetable patch. It took the best part of a day to do it, with a lot of trips back and forth to the top of the garden to dump the blocks of grass I had removed.

The PatioI also cleared our patio, which had been neglected for a while. Other than infrequent weeding, it had become a bit of an eyesore. With overgrown planters, rubbish and a general disorganised mess. I did have a large metal planter consisting of some herbs, which has now definitely seen better days The Thyme has gone all woody, and the only other surviving herb are the chives, which I am waiting to go to seed then I will replant them in my new herb pot (if there is room!).

I even moved our unused coal bunker, and cleared the corner where it had been sitting for years. When we had a parkray fire we used to dump the cold ash from the fire behind the coal bunker, so I sifted the ash (of which there was copious amounts) into a bucket and decanted it onto the newly dug vegetable patch and dug it in.

The patio is now a more functional space, and with the plants I had purchased planted. Our gas barbecue now fits perfectly in the corner, where the coal bunker had been.

We are hoping to have a few barbecues in the Summer months and make the most of our outdoor space.

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