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Lockdown Dinner

Well, the “lockdown office” in the dining room has been disassembled, and last night we actually had a meal at the dining table! The dining table is usually reserved for Christmas and Easter, although last Christmas we had our dinner in the living room, as Shaun had recently had a knee op, so sitting at the table wasn’t possible. Easter this year the dining room had already been turn into a “lockdown office”, so we didn’t have our Easter dinner at the table either.

Having a meal together at a table instead of congregating in the living room, eating, then going back to doing what you were doing before had been a staple of lockdown. But, I thought as this would be our last weekend “together” before we reopen the shop, and with Shaun going back to University shortly, I wanted us to have a meal together.

It took so long to organise the dining room (yes it was that chaotic), I didn’t have the chance to make the quiche as I had planned, so opted for ready-meals instead. But, it turned out that the food wasn’t the important thing, it was the sitting at the table, and enjoying each others company for more that the duration of eating! As a result of our evening together, we are going to have a poker night and buffet, at the table.

Growing up, every meal was eaten at the dining table, the only food eaten in the living room was supper, which mainly took the form of cheese and crackers and a mug of hot chocolate or horlicks! I think from here on in we need to make the effort to eat at the table more often, and really appreciate being able to spend time together. Even when Shaun goes back to University, at least one meal eaten in the dining room a week will be the aim.

Even though Eddie and I work together, being able to spend quality time together, talking, laughing and enjoying each others company needs to be a priority. Hearing about so many people losing loved ones to the coronavirus, makes you think about how important people in your own life are. Tomorrow isn’t promised, live for the moment, live life how you want to. Embrace the chances you are given, and don’t live with regrets. Life is too short for what ifs?

So, with that I will sign off and go and make myself a cup of tea, and spend a little me time before the rest of the house awaken from their slumber.

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