Life Lessons

What is “normal” anyway?

Everyone’s normal is different, so how can it be classed as normal? Why does everyone have to be pigeon holed and stereotyped? What’s wrong with being diverse and individual? Those are some big questions, and none of them have just one answer.

Looking at the big picture, the only things I can see that are normal for everyone is we all eat, sleep and breathe. Everything else is a personal choice, a feeling, a passion. Maybe we are all looking for acceptance to a certain degree, but why should someone else’s acceptance make us complete?

If everyone was the same, what a boring world it would be. Just imagine having a party and asking the invitees to bring a plate of food, and everyone bought a plate of the same bland sandwiches!? They say variety is the spice of life, so lets enjoy the different spices!! Don’t second guess yourself, if you want to try a new hobby, activity or even a new food, do it! We’ve all heard the phrase “go big, or go home!”, which can be true for some situations in the most part, but “baby steps” can work better for others. However you decide to embrace life’s changes, do it your way.

After this lock-down is over, we are all going to have to face a “new normal”, although no-one knows what that will look like. Maybe now is the time to find out your own personal “new normal”. Everyone is going to have to make changes to their day to day life’s, from how they work and shop, to how they socialise with others.

Why not make personal changes, and do the things you have been putting off, wear those clothes you have hanging in the wardrobe that you have reserved for “special occasions”. Revisit old hobbies and interests that have fallen to the wayside, or try new ones. You could even take your current hobbies to the next level, I love to crochet, so I am going to try designing my own patterns. I have been doing more work in the garden than the obligatory cutting of the grass and weeding the paths, I’ve dug a vegetable patch and planted some potatoes, and I have planters on the patio with flowers and herbs. I know it is “baby steps”, but I’m enjoying the evolution of our outdoor space. I want to paint the wooden shed a bright blue, and get a chiminea for the patio so we can enjoy a glass of wine outside on a Summer evening.

I guess my message is to live life to the full, and never take anything or anyone for granted. Do what makes you happy, and you will be surprised how your happiness will spread to others around you. Don’t sweat the small stuff, look at the bigger picture!!

Start with a positive outlook on life, and you are halfway there!

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